We're a  metal band from Ontario, Canada, originally formed in 2008 as a 2 piece playing covers of such bands as Bathory, Venom, Marduk, Exhorder we eventually moved on to writing originals. Although we have a heavy black metal influence we draw inspiration from all corners of metal, bands such as Judas Priest, Accept, Lord Belial, Dissection, Kreator, Scorpions, Destroyer 666, Deicide, Sarcofago, Megadeth, L.W.S. and many more.

We are now and have been for some time a three piece band and continue with our original line up, our sound can be described as black thrash or blackened heavy metal, we consider our style simply as metal, our goal is to try and create something unique and share it with others.

Line up of E.-Guitars/Vox, F.-Drums and J.-bass