Saturday, 14 January 2012


Fresh new review, from Pest Webzine a great online magazine featuring tons of bands, reviews, interviews labels and more, best part is they have a music player featuring songs from their reviews so you can check it out right away, special thanks to Lex Luther for doing a great review and understanding what we're trying to offer to the metal scene, enjoy.

"From Canada we have a sickening old school metal band by the name Desekratewhore. They remind me of the early days of Abomination, Funeral Nation, and Master from Chicago's early Metal Underground days. Plenty of Speed/Thrash and definite elements of the Doom Metal and Death Metal genres. Even bits of Black Metal take notice during playtime. Either way this band is kick ass and will certainly make some fucking waves throughout the underground. Songs like "Souls of the Insane" and "Shadows of the Past" really take the listener into a deep realm of hypnotic Doom, gloom, and Metal! Fans of the early style of metal will enjoy this release. The pattern of the album cover reminds me of the old days of when bands like "Winter" were coming out of the woodwork. Check em' out, it is worth the time and money. Check out other songs like "As the Angels Burn" and the aforementioned track "Shadows of the Past" which is a great instrumental which shows the talent behind the music."

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